Publishing Conditions

Requirements for authors, who intend to publish scientific articles in Pedagogical Universe journal, founded and edited by the Institute of Educational Sciences of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research from Republic of Moldova.

The authors from Republic of Moldova and abroad the country, who intends to publish articles in the scientific journal of Pedagogy and Psychology of Educational Science Institute ,,Pedagogical Universe”, are  notified of respecting some certain criteria.

The content of the article must be focused on scientific topics of fundamental and applicative resonance, correspond to a high scientific level, be original and newness. Theoretical statements must be supported by well- established arguments. The paperwork  must present interest in scientific and pedagogical communication, as well as for the readers. Indispensably, article must indicate the distinction between the author’s vision, his results and previous publications in the field of reference.

The article presented to the editorial office must be written in accordance with the generally accepted requirements for analogous publications, two months before publication, printed and electronic media, in Romanian and one of the international circulation languages (English, German, French, Russian). The text will be printed on one side of paper. The article will be signed on every page by the author and the date of presentation will be set.

The graphics elements (tables and figures) will be originally presented or exported in PDF format, at a resolution not less than 250- 300 dpi, and will be inserted in the text, immediately after the corresponding reference. Every reference will be compulsory followed by name and order number (above the table, bellow the figure), source and additional information, if necessary: notes, legend (bellow the element). The authors are asked to take in account the format of the magazine when they have graphical elements. There are accepted up to 5-8 tables/ figures in the article.

The text will be presented in: Times New Roman,14 pt, interval – 1,5; paper size A4 210 x 297 mm; margins: top – 15 mm, bottom – 20 mm, left – 20 mm, right – 20 mm, paragraph – 100 mm. The paperwork will contain maximum 12 pages A4.

The structure of the article: The article must be elaborated in accordance with the essential elements of the following parameters:

  • Meta elements of articles in Romanian and English: scientific specialty, CZU, DOI-unique identifier for on-line documents, meaning ©-copyright;

      Note: CZU și DOI are in competence with journal editorial (these meta elements are not verified of originality;

  1. The title of article (Times New Roman, bold, 14 pt, centered in Romanian/ Russian and in English/ French);
  2. The author of article (For every author: full name, title and scientific degree, function, institution/ organization and its address, country, email address of the author);
  3. Summary (Times New Roman, 12 pt, italics, cca 300 signs, in Romanian/ Russian and English/ French);
  4. Key words (in Romanian/ Russian and English/ French);
  • The structure of article:
    • Introduction:
      • Identification of the problem in general context and its correlation with the scientific and praxiological problems of the field;
      • Analytical review and recent publications, where are identified the aspects of problem identified by the author; identifying the aspects/parts that are not approached in general problem;
      • Foundation/ prominence of the current aspect of investigation.
    • Methodology:
      • Formulation/ highlighting the goal of investigation;
      • Formulation/highlighting the objectives/objectives of the investigation;
      • Usage/ application of methods and technologies in carrying out the investigation.
    • The expected results:
      • Argumentation of the basic material of investigation, based on obtained scientific/ theoretical results;
      • Comparison/ argumentation of obtain results with other investigation in this domain.
    • Conclusions:
      • The conclusions of investigation represent a main aspect of research and they are exposed at the final part of the text;
      • There are identified recommendations and exposed investigative perspectives in this domain.

Bibliographical references

  • Bibliography/bibliographical sources(they are not verified of originality).
  • Bibliographical references will be written at the end of article in alphabetical order (Name, surname, title, publication, publishing house, year, page– with Times New Roman, 12, Alignment left). Bibliography will contain up to 10 biographical sources. Bibliographical references will be indicated in the text (for example [5]).


  • It is not recommended to be used published materials. If you have such materials, indicate in the text that corresponding problem was addressed in corresponding sources;
  • Not to invent various punctual signs, commas, etc. where they are not necessary;
  • Not to modify in words letters from Russian alphabet with letters from Romanian alphabets and vice versa.

       Presenting the article, the author will sign the Declaration on the responsibility for the authentic material proposed for publication with the following content:

Note: I,  undersigned, declare on my own responsibility that the submitted  paperwork ( title of the article) _________________________________________________is authentic, without any touch of plagiarize.

Date of submission: ________________              Signature:______________________

        The authors has entire responsibility for the content of presented articles!