About the journal

The Scientific Journal of Pedagogy and Psychology,, Pedagogical Universe” is founded and edited by the Institute of Educational Sciences of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research from Republic of Moldova.

The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredits the journal and possess the ,,C” category (The decision NCCA of ASM, nr. 270 on October 31st , 2013); ISNN 1811-5470.

The journal has been published regularly since 2003, being a successor of the journals The Soviet Teacher (f.y. 1955) and The Teacher (f.y. 1976).

The aim of the journal is to publish articles to elucidate the current evolution and transformations, the alert rhythms of research and innovation in the field of education sciences. The magazine offers to general audience the most relevant results of researches in the field of theory and practice of Pedagogy and Psychology. Thus, the magazine enriches the field with valuable works and extends the area of interest for the educational framework in the Republic of Moldova.

In the 4th numbers of the journal, edited quarterly, there are scientific articles signed by scientific researchers, professors, PhD students, teachers, students, educators and other people interested in pedagogical and psychological sciences, the theory and practice of education.

The journal comprises a large spectrum of works framed in the sections:  Pedagogical Sciences, Innovation and Modernization, Educational Policies, The Culture of Education, The Didactics of school’s subjects, Social Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology, Professional Development, Educational Management, Good Educational Practices, shows the events and prominent personalities in the field of reference, the latest editorial issues, etc.

The journal is opened toward a society based on knowledge, increasing education through values and for values, being anchored in present time with prospects for a sustainable future, linked to the European scientific and educational space.

The journal reflects the results of researches carried out within the Institute of Educational Sciences, also in other specialized centers, Higher Education Institutes, Colleges, Lyceums and Preschool Institutions.

The conditions of publications are presented in the corresponding section of the site. The published articles are archived and indexed by The National Bibliometric Report.  

The journal promotes an editorial politics of opened access to inserted articles, being freely accessible to readers. Opened access allows everyone interested to download, to read, to share the published works, taking in consideration the RM legislation and the international right regarding copyright and connexes, by mentioning the sources and the authors in the case of citations, signing a Declaration of authorship, which excludes plagiarism.

The journal is accessible to writers abroad the country, article are published in languages of international circulation. The authors keeps their copyright, unrestricted and give the magazine the right of first publication.

Primarily, articles are presented and approved by the Editorial Board, then reviewed by the two anonymous specialists in domain. The journal appears quarterly and it has a circulation of 560 copies. The magazine is distributed to its subscribers by,, Posta Moldovei”, „PresInform” and „MoldPresa”, additionally to some state and foreign institutions interested in our journal, having a collaboration agreement and publication exchanges. The electronic version can be accessed, free of charge, on the official page of the publication up.ise.md.

The members of Editorial Board are teachers, doctor habilitat professors, Doctors of Pedagogy and Psychology from our country and from Romania, the Ukraine, and the Russian Federation, whose professionalism is a decisive element in the development of the magazine (see the section Editorial Board).